The Gift Pack Mr. Dutchman is the result of a collaboration with this Dutch barber. Every box contains a bottle of our beststelling Snippers Whisky and three different hair styling products of Mr. Dutchman. It’s the perfect gift for every man who likes to experiment with his drinks and his hair styles.

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Snippers is a real men gift. This Gift Pack combines Snippers with barber Mr. Dutchman. Every box contains a bottle of Whisky Snippers and three different hair products from Mr. Dutchman.

Matte Modder : A mat, washable sculpting mud, made through a unique process in which naked wrestlers of the female kind step into a pile of mud and start wrestling until it becomes Matte Modder. Yes, it’s for your head. Use on damp or dry hair. Wrestle with your fingers. Combing is mandatory. Medium hold. 

Schone Schijn: A clean non greasy and quickly washable pommade that gives a strong hold and a sunny & stylish shine to even the most depressed hairdo’s. It’s the equivalent of a nice strong espresso in the morning. And the effect lasts much longer. Till the next hairwash. Use on damp or dry hair. Strong hold. 

Slimme Sjeper: A shaper that doubles as a sculpting paste. Want to become a work of art? Look no further. If you’re handy with your hands you can sculpture a Leonardo da Vinci of your hair. This clever product makes every head turn. Use it once and you are hooked for life. Use on damp or dry hair. For sculpting and texture.


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 8 cm


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